Amazing Starling Murmuration Displays the Beauty of Unity

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Bees come in swarms and fish come in schools. Starlings, in the area around Edinburgh, in the moors of England, come in something called a murmuration, and the murmuration refers to the murmuring of the wings of the birds, and throughout the day the starlings are out over a 20-mile radius sort of doing their […]

‘Tend and Befriend’ Vs. ‘Fight or Flight’

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Research into a Healthier Way to Cope with Social Rejection: ‘Tend and Befriend’ Vs. ‘Fight or Flight’ Mark Ellenbogen and Christopher Cardoso, researchers in Concordia’s Centre for Research in Human Development are taking a closer look at oxytocin, a hormone traditionally studied for its role in childbirth and breastfeeding, and more recently for its effect […]