Can Coexistence Rise Out of the Cinders of Hate?

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Jews and Arabs share a common father whose mercy and generosity united different, often hostile people under him. As the blazes subside after the furious wave of “Pyro-terrorism,” as Minister of Education Naftali Bennett referred to it, we gauge the damage and count our blessings that no one was seriously hurt. And so we should […]

Facts and Statistics on How Happiness Is Contagious

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We found that happiness can spread like a virus through social networks. In fact, if your friends’ friends’ friend becomes happy, it significantly increases the chance that you’ll be happy. –Dr. James Fowler, in “Happiness Is… – MSNBC.” 4 Facts & Stats on How Happiness Is Contagious A study by two professors from Harvard and […]

Can We Save the World?

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Even though we are keenly aware that human beings are destroying the world, rather than dwell on this fact, we distract ourselves to avoid confronting this reality. As someone deeply invested in Kabbalah study and a movement aspiring to bring about social change, I still find myself drowning in the huge and instantly accessible abyss […]

2 Studies Showing How Acts of Kindness Increase Happiness

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An experiment published in PLOS ONE showed that when 9- to 11-year old kids were asked to do acts of kindness for several weeks, not only did they get happier over time but they became more popular with their peers.   And another big intervention we just finished at a company in Spain showed that […]

Unity At Last?

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From Harvard academic, David Ropeik’s “Terrorism — Why It Frightens, and Unites Us,” through French intellectual, Dominique Sopo’s “Faced With Hatred, We Must Respond With Unity,” and even to the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Shawki Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam, who wrote, “If We Want To Eradicate Terrorism, We Must Stand Together,” the horrific November 13 terror attack in Paris […]

7 Quotes on Well-Being and Happiness to Inspire Positivity, Altruism and Kindness in Social Interactions

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1) Traditional Psychotherapy Doesn’t Deal with Achieving Happiness, but with Reducing Suffering Freud and Schopenhauer told us the best we could ever do in life was not to be miserable; that the object of human progress, the object of psychotherapy was to reduce suffering to zero. I’m going to argue today that that’s empirically false, […]

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